Annual Lawn Care Programmes

Our range of specialist lawn care packages have been tailored to meet the needs of those looking for a truly beautiful and healthy lawn.

Exciting News

and a New Home!


We are excited to inform you that our Annual Lawn Care Programmes have a new, specialised destination: Johnson Lawn Care Ltd. Our dedicated website is now the premier place for comprehensive lawn maintenance plans and expert care all year round. For detailed programme information and to take advantage of our full suite of lawn care services, please visit our new site. This page will remain active as a reliable resource, but for the latest in lawn care and to view our full range of services, simply click the image below.

Please be aware: Johnson Gardening Services Ltd continues to be committed to providing high-quality lawn care. To learn more about how our Annual Lawn Care Programmes can benefit your garden, step over to our new website – your dedicated resource for lawn maintenance excellence.