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Exciting News

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A New Horizon in Lawn Care Excellence

We are proud to announce a significant evolution in our services — Johnson Lawn Care Ltd is now the dedicated hub for our complete range of lawn care expertise. We’ve cultivated this new website to be a cornerstone for garden enthusiasts seeking unparalleled lawn care advice and services.

Our passion for creating and maintaining the healthiest, most attractive lawns has led us to develop a site that caters to every aspect of lawn maintenance. From the precision of our Annual Lawn Care Programmes to the detailed science behind our Lawn Fertilisation methods; from the transformative effects of our Aeration services to the meticulous skill involved in Scarification — every service is designed to ensure your lawn stands out for its lushness and vitality.

Johnson Lawn Care Ltd also offers an arsenal of solutions against the persistent challenge of Weeds and Moss, disease and pests, integrating innovative treatments to restore the natural beauty of your turf. Our specialist lawn care treatments are tailored to tackle even the most stubborn garden foes, leaving you with a flawless expanse of green.

While Johnson Gardening Services Ltd continues to be your trusted partner for a wide array of gardening needs, our lawn care services have branched out. On the new website, you will discover our full commitment to quality, with easy-to-navigate pages providing detailed insights into each service — ensuring that you, our valued customer, are well-informed and confident in the care your lawn receives.

We invite you to explore the wealth of knowledge and service offerings now available at our new location. Whether your lawn requires seasonal rejuvenation, ongoing maintenance, or a complete health overhaul, Johnson Lawn Care Ltd is your specialised resource.

With our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction unfaltering, we’re excited to guide you to our new website. Engage with our specialists, benefit from our bespoke lawn care strategies, and enjoy the lawn you’ve always envisioned.

Join us at Johnson Lawn Care Ltd — where every lawn is a testament to our expertise and your trust in us.